Parent Carer Workshop Sessions

Information and events for parents and carers

We are delighted to offer a range a workshops and information sessions in school over the year. All parents and carers are welcome, and any professionals who are interested can also come along!

Last academic year, courses delivered by school staff, therapists and external agencies, have included: Read Write Inc phonics, Multisensory Story Telling, Carers Service, BwD Parents in Partnership, CYGNET Programme for parents of children and young people on the autistic spectrum, Sleep difficulties, Riding the Rapids - managing behaviours, Positive behaviour support, Planning for the future, Maths, Introduction to Makaton signing, Baby Makaton, Internet safety for children and young people with learning disabilities, Epilepsy, Early Years provision, Continence Support.

Our schedule for the academic year 2017 - 18 will feature below shortly and will be added to throughout the year - so do come back and check regularly.

If you are interested in attending any of the sessions please contact:

Saj Motorwala at Newfield School 01254 588600 to book a place.

We include here a description of what each session will cover but if you want to know more information or if it would be relevant for your child please contact: Jenny Riley (Deputy Head Teacher) 01254 588600 or ask your child’s class teacher.

We would also love to hear from you if you have a suggestion for a future topic for a workshop or you have feedback on a workshop you’ve attended! Contact: Jenny Riley on 01254 588600

  • Meet the Teachers

    Start: Wednesday 04 October 2017 - 10:00 am End: Friday 27 October - 4:00 pm
    Delivered By: Class Teachers

    During this term you can come in to meet the teachers and staff working with your child in a range of ways:

    • 14-19 Coffee morning on 4th October at 10am
    • Early Years afternoon on 23rd November from 1.30pm
    • By arranging a visit to class with the teacher at a time to suit you

    We look forward to seeing you all in school soon!

  • Social Care Drop-in Session

    Start: Thursday 16 November 2017 - 10:00 am End: Thursday 16 November - 11:00 am
    Delivered By: AnnMarie Pickering, CSO

    Here at Newfield we are often asked questions about Respite, Social care assessments, Disability links, Direct payments etc. So we have partnered up with colleagues in social care for a session where you can come along to find out more about a range of topics…

    • Social opportunities for children with disabilities
    • Respite
    • Social care assessments
    • Role of Appletrees Hub
    • Direct payments

    AnnMarie Pickering will be available to have a chat so please come along for an informal chat & get the advice you need from this friendly, knowledgeable lady!

  • Nurses Drop-in Session

    Start: Friday 24 November 2017 - 10:00 am End: Friday 24 November - 12:00 pm
    Delivered By: Sally Newsome - Senior Nurse at Newfield

    In this session you can discuss:

    • Your Childs health condition
    • Support for parents
    • Medication
    • Caring for you child at home
    • Referrals to other services
    • Healthy Lifestyle

  • Fun Learning Activities for Home

    Start: Monday 27 November 2017 - 9:30 am End: Monday 27 November - 11:15 am
    Delivered By: Shannon Ainsworth (Teacher)

    Whether you just fancy doing something crafty and spending some time for yourself, or want to learn a new skill to do with the children over the holidays, this is an opportunity to experience a range of sensory Arts and Crafts activities that could be enjoyed with all of the family at home. Please come along, have a chat and a cuppa and make something to take home!

  • Communication with your Child

    Start: Monday 11 December 2017 - 10:00 am End: Monday 11 December - 12:00 pm
    Delivered By: Laura Holmes (Assistant Head)

    Communication can be challenging when children are pre-verbal or have difficulty with speech. This session will focus on early communication skills and how we can support children in being more effective communicators. There will be opportunities to look at some of the resources used in school such as symbols and signing and there will be an chance to learn some Makaton signs during a short ‘taster session.

  • How to Keep Your Child Fit

    Start: Tuesday 12 December 2017 - 1:30 pm End: Tuesday 12 December - 2:30 pm
    Delivered By: Aimie Gates & Chris Dibb (HLTAs)

    Our Moving and Handling Leaders in school would like to welcome you to a workshop on supporting the physical aspects of promoting good health. We will look at the importance of movement, positioning & exercise - the Movement groups some of the pupils attend at Newfield – offering hints and tips on how to do some of the exercises; looking at ‘hand and arm readiness’ exercises, how to promote your child’s independence with their mobility and help maintain & improve their movement skills. The workshop will be tailored to the audience so hopefully a lot of the content will be relevant to every parent/carer who comes. We hope to see you there!