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We regularly have sessions to support families to meet their children’s needs and in this section of the website we would like to share with you any information that will make things clearer and make life that little bit simpler!

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Continence Training

Information from the Parents Continence Meeting – Thursday 27.3.14 Joanne Tunney – Paediatric Continence Nurse

Key points from the meeting:


  • Joanne sometimes works alongside the Learning Disabilities Team
  • Continence support is an open service; once you are supported by the service a re-referral is not necessary
  • School nurses will complete initial assessments giving toilet training advice and order products if required.
  • The school nurse will refer to the Continence Service for Specialist advice if no progress is made or treatment fails.
  • If you feel your child’s pads are too small then you can request larger pads through the school nurses
  • If you feel you need a pad with a greater absorbency then a new assessment is required

When to begin toilet training

  • Toilet training starts when the child displays the ability to hold their bladder for a length of time.
  • A routine is important; home and school need to be carrying out the same procedures at the same time
  • Referral to Occupational Therapy (OT) may be necessary for assessment and provision of seating/toileting equipment.
  • It can take a long time to establish full continence control!

Useful contacts/information

  • There are currently no re-useable nappies available for young people or adults. An American company called FuzziBunz who manufacture reusable baby nappies are considering introducing larger sizes – but these are likely to be very expensive and would have to be imported.
  • Rackety’s and Fledglings are two companies who have online brochures for clothing for children with disabilities
  • Hi-line swimwear have continence swimwear for disabled young people
  • Disabled Living Centre in Manchester Promocon offer advice and support for people with disabilities and can help signpost to other agencies
  • Joanne showed a number of shaped pads and washable continence pants which are available through the continence service

Issues raised

  • There are still no products on the market designed to adequately manage continence and menstruation; parents are creating their own dual purpose pads but this is time consuming and laborious. If using an insert pad inside a nappy style product or a shaped pad this should not have a plastic backing. Lille healthcare make an insert pad (Classic pad mini) without a plastic backing that is sometimes used during menstruation, this can be changed several times allowing the continence pad to be used to its full capacity.
  • Joanne suggested an all in one vest or sleeping suit for children who rip pads at night time; ones which zip up the back are most effective
  • If your child is able to stand then try develop a routine of changing them whilst they are standing; this will make changing considerably easier as they become older, as changing facilities for adults are very rare.